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Hermann Göring was a Protestant and Nazi that created the Gestapo. Göring married Emmy in a church with Hitler as best man. He also gave his daughter, Edda, a baptism.


  • "God has created the races. He did not want equality and therefore we energetically reject any attempt to falsify the concept of race purity by making it equivalent with racial equality... This equality does not exist. We have never accepted such an idea and therefore we must reject it in our laws likewise and must accept that purity of race which nature and providence have destined for us.", Hermann Göring, 1935.
  • "How shall I give expression, O my Führer, to what is in our hearts? How shall I find words to express your deeds? Has there ever been a mortal as beloved as you, my Führer? Was there ever belief as strong as the belief in your mission. You were sent us by God for Germany!", Hermann Göring, 1938.
  • "Although he himself [Hitler] was a Catholic, he wished the Protestant Church to have a stronger position in Germany, since Germany was two-thirds Protestant.", Hermann Göring, Nuremberg trials.
  • "With the Catholic Church the Führer ordered a concordat to be concluded by Herr Von Papen. Shortly before that agreement was concluded by Herr Von Papen I visited the Pope myself. I had numerous connections with the higher Catholic clergy because of my Catholic mother, and thus-- I am myself a Protestant-- I had a view of both camps.", Hermann Göring, Nuremberg trials.
  • "I have gone now and then, and have always considered I belonged to the Church and have always had those functions over which the Church presides-- marriage, christening, burial, et cetera-- carried out in my house by the Church.", Hermann Göring, Nuremberg trials.
  • "God gave the savior to the German people. We have faith, deep and unshakeable faith, that he [Hitler] was sent to us by God to save Germany.", Hermann Göring.


Hermann Göring's wedding.
Hermann Göring with Cesare Orsenigo of the Roman Catholic Church.